Vectoriel Frequency Inverter FV100 Series

Vectoriel Frequency Inverter FV100 Series

Vectoriel Frequency Inverter FV100 Series

750W - 2200W- 3700W

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Frequency Inverter FV100 Series

Power : 750W - 2200W- 3700W

Carrier Frequency up to 15kHz

Output Frequency : 0 - 300Hz

Auto torque boost and auto slip compensation function

Vectoriel control with or without PG

Wall mounting


1 RS485 Modbus port

1 10v reference voltage output

3 analog input -10~+10V

7 digital multi-function input, Optocoupler isolation, include 1 pulse input

2 analog output 0~10V or 0/4~20mA

1 optocoupled output, open collector 30V - 50mA

1 pulse open collector output

1 relay output, 250VAC - 2A, 30VDC - 1A

1 power supply output  +24V - 200 mA


External dimension: 

W : 115mm

H : 185mm

D : 171mm

Weight : 2 kg


 Characteristics :

Input Rated voltage and frequency 4T : triphase 380V~440V – 50Hz/60Hz // 2S : singlephase 200V~240V
Allowable voltage range 4T : 320V~460V – 2S : 180V~260V – Voltage unbalancedness <3 % - Frequency +-5 %
Output Rated Voltage 0~Rated input voltage
Frequency 0Hz~300Hz (0Hz~3000Hz custom)
Overload capacity Type G : 150% 1 mn – 180% 10 s
Controls characteristics Controle method Vector control without PG. Vector control with PG. V/F control
Modulation System Space vector PWM modulation
Starting torque 0.5Hz : 150 % of rated torque(Vector control without PG) – 0.5Hz : 200 % of rated torque(vector control with PG)
Frequency accuracy Digital setting : max. frequency x +- 0.01% – Analog setting : max. frequency x +-0.2 %
Frequency resolution Digital setting : 0.01Hz – Analog setting : max. frequency x 0.05 %
Torque boost Manual torque boost : 0% ~ 30.0 %
V/F patterns 4 patterns : 1 V/F curve mode set by user and 3 patterns are drop torque characters curve (2.0 power - 1.7 power - 1.2 power)
Acc/Dec curves Linear/deceleration. Four kinds of acceleration/deceleration time
DC braking Braking starting frequency : 0.00~60.00Hz – Braking Time 0.0~10.0s – Braking current : 0.0~100.0 %
Auto current limit Limit current durinf operation automatically to prevent frequent overcurrent trip
Customized function Jogging Jogging frequency range : 0.00Hz~50.00Hz. Jogging acceleration/deceleration time : 0.1~60.0s
Multiple speed operation Implement multiple speed operation by digital inputs
Operation function Operation command Keypad setting – Terminal setting – Communication setting
Frequency command Keypad setting – Terminal setting – Communication setting – Pulse input
Auxiliary frequency setting Implement flexible auxiliary frequency trim and frequency synthesis
Analog output 2 channel analog output (0/4~20mA or 0/2~10V)
Operation panel Led display About 20 parameters : display setting frequency – output frequency – output voltage – output current…
Parameters copy Copy parameters by operation panel
Keys lock and function selection Lock part of keys or all the keys. Define the function of part of keys
Protection function Overcurrnet protection - overvoltage protection – undervoltage protection – overheat protection – overload protection – open phase protection (selectable) and so on
Environnement Indoor - installed in the environnement free from direct sunlight – dust – corrosive gas – combustible gas – oil mist – steam and drip
Altitude Derated above 1000m – the rated output current shall be decreased by 10% for every rise of 1000m
Ambient temperature -10°C~40°C - derated at 40°C~50°C
Humidity 5%~95%RH – non-condensing
Vibration Less than 5.9m/s2 (0.6g)
Storage temperature -40°C~70°C
Structure Protection class IP20
Cooling method air cooling with fan control
Installation method Wall mounting
efficiency 45kW or below : ≥ 93 %; 55kW or above : >=95 %


 Inputs /outputs

CategoryMarquage Description
Shield PE Earth shield GND for the shield
Communication RS+ / RS- port RS485 Use twisted-pair or shield cable
Analog input AI1 and AI2 Analog single-ended Analog voltage or current input – mode selected by jumpers AI1/AI2 (Reference ground : GND) ) – Voltage range -10V~+10V (Input resistor 45kOhm) Resolution 1/4000 – Current range 0mA~20mA Resolution 1/2047 (jumper select)
AI3+ Analog voltage differential input A3+ or analog voltage single-ended input When connected to the analog voltage differential : input AI3+ is the same phase input and AI3- the inverted input – When connected to the analog voltage single-ended input : AI3+ is signal input and AI3- is GND(Reference ground : GND) - Voltage range -10V~+10V (Input resistor 15kOhm) Resolution 1/4000
AI3- Analog voltage differential input A3- or analog voltage single-ended input
Analog output A01 and AO2 Providing analog voltage or current selected by jumper AO1/AO2 – The default setting is output voltage - Voltage range 0V~10V – Current range 0/4mA~20mA
Multifonction input terminal X1~X6 Multifonction input terminal Can be defined as multi-function digital input terminal – Optocoupler isolation input – input resistor 3.3kOhm – Maximum input frequency of X1~X6 : 200kHz Maximum input frequency of X7 : 100kHz - Input voltage range: 2~30V
X7 Multifonction input terminal or pulse input
Multifonction output terminal Y1 Bi-direction open collector output Can be defined as multi-function digital ouput terminal (Com port : CME) – Optocoupler isolation output – Max. working voltage : 30V max. Current 50mA
Y2 Open collector pulse output terminal Can be defined as multi-function digital pulse signal ouput terminal (Com port : COM) – Maximum output frequency : 100kHz
Power Supply 10 +10V power supply Reference Voltage +10V – 5mA
GND Power GND GND for analog signal and +10 power supply – Internal isolation from COM and CME
24V +24V power supply for small equipments 24V 200mA max.
Common port PLC Mult-ifunction input common port Common port of X1~X7 (shortcut with 24V in default) PLC is isolated from 24V internally
COM Common port of 24V power supply 3 Common ports in all cooperate with other terminals – COM is isolated from CME and GND internally
CME Y1 output common port
Relay Output terminal 1 R1a Relay output Can be defined as multi-function relay output terminal – R1a-R1b : normally closed / R1a-R1c : normally open / Contact capacity : AC250V/2A (cos = 1) AC250V/1A (cos = 0.4) DC30V/1A



Raccordement FV100Variateur de fréquence Série FV100

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Vectoriel Frequency Inverter FV100 Series

Vectoriel Frequency Inverter FV100 Series

Vectoriel Frequency Inverter FV100 Series

750W - 2200W- 3700W

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