Analog Micro step driver 50V / 4.2 - MD5042

Analog Micro step driver 50V / 4.2 - MD5042

Analog Microstep Driver



 50V / 4.2A

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Analog Microstep Driver MD5042

  • Patented technology
  • Low cost
  • High torque even at high speed
  • Power supply up to 50V, Peak current of 4.2A max (3A RMS)
  • 3-state current control technology
  • Automatic switch to reduced current mode (configurable)
  • Can be used with 2 or 4 phase motors (unipolar or bipolar)
  • Optically isolated input signals
  • Pulse frequency up to 400 KHz
  • 15 resolution configurable by DIP switches (up to 25,000 steps / trs on a 200 steps / trs motor)
  • Current adjustment by DIP switches (8 positions from 1A to 4.2A)
  • Configurable PULSE / DIRECTION or CW / CCW mode
  • Protection against short circuits, overvoltage and undervoltage
  • Small dimension (118x75.5x33mm)
  • Removable connectors

The MD5042 is a high performance microstep driver using the most modern technologies. It can be used to drive 2 or 4 phase hybrid stepper motors (bipolar or unipolar). Thanks to an advanced constant current management technique, it is possible to make the most of the characteristics of your motors. The 3-state current control technology allows precise control of the current in the motor windings with low ripple and therefore less heating.


Usable with a wide range of Nema 17 and 23 stepper motors, and for different types of application such as XY tables, marking machines, laser cutting, engraving or placement machines. Particularly recommended for applications requiring low vibrations, high speeds and precision.

Spécifications électriques (Tj=25℃)





Output current



4.2 (3A RMS)


Voltage (DC)





Logic signals current





Input frequency signals





Isolation resitance




Mechanical specifications (Unit: mm, 1 inch=2.54 mm)

Figure 1: Mechanical specifications


Connectors description

P1 command connector


Pin Function



Pulse inputs: In PULSE / DIRECTION mode, each rising edge on this input causes a step to advance. Depending on the signal applied to the PUL + or PUL- input, the input will be active from 4 to 5V or from 0 to 0.5V. In CW / CCW mode, the input is used to advance one step in the CW direction. The minimum pulse duration is 1.5 µs. For use with control signals greater than 5V, an additional series resistor is required.


DIR+ (+5V)

DIR input: In PULSE / DIR mode, this input allows you to select the direction of rotation. In CW / CCW mode (mode configuration by jumper J3 in the housing), the input is used to advance one step in the CCW direction. To ensure quality movements, a change of direction must be followed by a delay of 5ms minimum before sending the pulses.


ENA+ (+5V)

Enable input: This input is used to activate / deactivate the motor supply. At + 5V, the power is activated. At 0V, the power is deactivated. If this input is not connected, power is activated.


Note:  drivers are set to PULSE/DIRECTION mode by default.

P2 power connector

Pin Funtion



Ground DC


Motor power DC, +20VDC to +50VDC.

Phase A

Motor coil A (fil A+ et A-)

Phase B

Motor coil B (fil B+ et B-)

Microstep resolution selection :

Microstep resolution selection is selected by DIP Switches 5, 6, 7, and 8 as follow:

Microstep usteps/rev.( 1.8°/rev) SW5 SW6 SW7 SW8
2 400 OFF ON ON ON
4 800 ON OFF ON ON
8 1600 OFF OFF ON ON
16 3200 ON ON OFF ON
32 6400 OFF ON OFF ON
64 12800 ON OFF OFF ON
128 25600 OFF OFF OFF ON
5 1000 ON ON ON OFF
10 2000 OFF ON ON OFF
20 4000 ON OFF ON OFF
25 5000 OFF OFF ON OFF
40 8000 ON ON OFF OFF
50 10000 OFF ON OFF OFF
100 20000 ON OFF OFF OFF
125 25000 OFF OFF OFF OFF
Current setting
Peak Current (A) RMS (A) SW1 SW2 SW3
1.0 0.71 ON ON ON
1.46 1.04 OFF ON ON
1.91 1.36 ON OFF ON
2.37 1.69 OFF OFF ON
2.84 2.03 ON ON OFF
3.31 2.36 OFF ON OFF
3.76 2.69 ON OFF OFF
4.20 3.00 OFF OFF OFF

SW4 sur OFF : current is reduced by 60% one second after motor stops.

SW4 sur ON : current is always at maximum.

Raccordement typique

Figure 2: Typical setting :


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Analog Micro step driver 50V / 4.2 - MD5042

Analog Micro step driver 50V / 4.2 - MD5042

Analog Microstep Driver



 50V / 4.2A

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