ES-M22430 closed loop servomotor NEMA 23 - 2 phases - 3.1Nm

NEMA 24 closed loop motor - 3.0 Nm - 3000 RPM - 1000 steps encoder - 2 phases

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  • Brand
  • NEMA
  • Torque
  • Number of phases
  • Shaft diameter
  • Current per phase
  • Phase resistance (Ohms)
  • Phase inductance (mH)
  • Step angle
  • Rotor inertia
  • Body length
  • Brake
  • Encoder resolution
  • Weight

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Product Documents

CS-M22430 datasheet

Internal Reference: ES-M22430


  • NEMA 24 size 2-phase motor
  • 3Nm holding torque
  • Speed range from 0 to 2,000 rpm
  • Integrated incremental encoder of 1000 points (resolution 4000 points per revolution), signals A , A-, B , and B-
  • 8mm shaft
  • Fluid and silent movements, reduced heating

When this motor is associated with a CS-D808 driver, you have a closed loop system that protects you from the risks of stalling and loss of steps often encountered in solutions based on stepper motors.

Closed-loop operation also allows a gain in speed and torque of around 30% compared to a comparable solution based on a stepper motor.

The CS-D808 driver handles regulation management and therefore the encoder. For the control cards, you are always in the presence of a motor driven by Pulses/direction signals.

You also have an error signal (programmable tolerance) sent by the driver in the event of motor blockage.

With this solution, you benefit from the advantages of stepper motors: high torque, ease of implementation; and also, the advantages of the servomotor: precision, control.


Model ES-M22430
Size NEMA 24
Phases 2
Step angle 1.8°
Number of wires 4
Holding torque 3.0Nm
Encoder resolution 4,000 pulses/revolution
Shaft diameter 8mm
Current 3.0 A
Inductance 1.71 mH
Resistance 0.39 Ohm
Rotor inertia 0.52 Kg.cm²
Body length 102mm


Encoder wiring

Pin Name Color In/Out Description Connector
1 EA+ Black Out A+ channel

          HDD15 Mâle

2 VCC Red In +5V power
3 GND White GND 0V
4 nc -
5 nc -
6 nc -
7 nc -
8 nc -
9 nc -
10 nc -
11 EB+ Yellow Out B+ channel
12 EB- Green Out B- channel
13 EA- Blue Out A- channel
14 nc -
15 nc -

Torque curv

1 Nm = 141.6 oz-in

Note: Torque curve given with a holding torque set at 40%. For higher torque at high speed it is possible to increase this parameter up to 100%


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Brand Leadshine, Soprolec
Torque 3.0 Nm
Number of phases 2
Shaft diameter 8 mm
Current per phase 3 A
Phase resistance (Ohms) 0.39 Ohm
Phase inductance (mH) 1.71 mH
Step angle 1.8°
Rotor inertia 0.52 kg-cm2
Body length 107 mm
Brake Without
Encoder resolution 1000 points (4000 pulses/rotation)
Weight 1.6 kg
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