ES-MH342200 closed loop servomotor NEMA 42 - 3 phases - 20Nm

Closed loop servomotor - NEMA 42- 3 phases - 20Nm
1000pts/rev encoder (4000pts resolution)

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  • Torque
  • Number of phases
  • Shaft diameter
  • Current per phase
  • Phase resistance (Ohms)
  • Phase inductance (mH)
  • Step angle
  • Rotor inertia
  • Body length
  • Encoder resolution
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ES-MH datasheet
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Internal Reference: ES-MH342200


  • NEMA 42 size 3-phase motor
  • 20Nm holding torque
  • Speed range from 0 to 2,000 rpm
  • Integrated incremental encoder of 1000 points (resolution 4000 points per revolution), signals A , A-, B , and B-
  • Shaft diameter 19mm
  • Fluid and silent movements, reduced heating

When this motor is associated with driver ES-DH2306, you have a closed-loop system that protects you from the risks of stalling and loss of step often encountered in stepper motors based solutions.

ES-MH342200 is 20 Nm (2800 oz - in) 3 phase NEMA 42 stepper motor with integrated 1,000-line incremental encoder. It is built with high quality material and can move smoothly with high precision, very low noise & heating.

The ES-DH2306 driver takes over the management of the regulation and therefore of the encoder.

When driven by a Leadshine 3 phase to take direct 110 / 120 / 220 / 230 AC input voltage, the position loop between the motor and drive is fully closed. Therefore, loss of steps which limits adoption of stepper systems is totally eliminated. Because there is no torque resolution needed like in open loop stepper systems, you can much better high-speed performance than open loop stepper systems by increasing up to 30%. Such systems are also ideal to replace brushless servo systems to offer huge starting and low speed torque.  


Model ES-MH342200
Size NEMA 42
Phases 3
Step angle 1.2°
Number of wires 3
Holding torque 20.0Nm
Encoder resolution 4,000 pulses/revolution
Shaft diameter 19mm
Current 5.2 A
Inductance 18 mH
Resistance 1.88 Ohm
Rotor inertia 17 Kg.cm²
Body length 245mm
Weight: 12.8Kg


Torque curve

1 Nm = 141.6 oz-in


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Brand Leadshine, Soprolec
Torque 20 Nm
Number of phases 3
Shaft diameter 19 mm
Current per phase 5.2 A
Phase resistance (Ohms) 1.88 Ohms
Phase inductance (mH) 1.18 mH
Step angle 1.2°
Rotor inertia 17 kg/cm2
Body length 245 mm
Encoder resolution 1000 points (4000 pulses/rotation)
Weight 12.8 kg