Digital microstep driver - 50V / 7.0A - Modbus

Digital microstep driver - 50V / 7.0A - Modbus

Digital Microstep Driver

50V / 7.0A - Modbus RTU (RS485)

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Digital Microstep Driver CS2RS-D507

  • Support for Modbus RTU protocol (RS485)
  • Input: 20 to 50 VDC; Output: 1.0 to 7.0A
  • Integrated heatsink and connector included
  • Software for setting parameters on PC: Leadshine Motion Studio
  • 7 programmable inputs: Limit (+/-), origin, quick stop, alarm acknowledgment, Enable, JOG input (+/-) and Position table
  • 3 programmable outputs: Alarm, Brake, and homing / Instruction / completed run
  • Operating modes: speed, position, homing
  • Function support: learning, interruption, jump, suspension, movement of traffic
  • Very low noise; Low heat dissipation; very smooth movement even at low speed
  • No step loss, no hunting, no torque reservation
  • Anti-resonance system for optimum torque over the entire speed range
  • Protection against over voltage, over current, phase errors, position tracking errors and encoder cable errors.
  • Configuration by 8 micro-switches
  • CE and ROHS certified
The CS2RS series offers closed-loop step-by-step drivers based on the standard Modbus RTU protocol, using RS485 communication to network up to 31 axes, integrated PR function with 16-segment position table (PR mode).
Not only can they solve the problem of step loss in the open-loop stepper system, but also avoid the need for additional controllers in most point-to-point applications, to significantly improve system reliability and reduce costs.
The CS2RS series also supports learning function, operating modes in position profile, speed profile and homing.

Usable with NEMA 17, NEMA 23 and 34 size motors, this driver is particularly recommended for 2-phase motors of the CS-M ... series in the SOPROLEC range, that have an integrated encoder with a resolution of 1000 to 5000 pulses per revolution.
Used in placement applications and XY tables, this driver will bring you optimum operation with reduced noise.

Parameter setting by serial RS232 link allows optimum adjustment of the driver settings.

Mecanical Spécifications (Unit: mm, 1 inch=25.4 mm)

118*79.5*25.5 mm
Net weight :
0.65 kg
Running Temperature :
0-50℃ (32 F – 122 F)
Storage Temperature :
-20℃-65℃ (-4 F – 149 F)
Humidiy :
Vibrations :
Mounting :
Vertical or Horizontal

Figure 1 and 2, Mechanical specifications

Pinout and description

CN1 - Input Power Connector

PIN Signal Description
1 VDC 24V- 48V

CN2 - Motor Connector

PIN Signal Description
1 A+ Motor phase A+
2 B+ Motor phase B+
3 A- Motor phase A-
4 B- Motor phase B-

CN3 - Encoder Input Signals Connector

PIN Signal Description
1 EA+ Encoder signal of phase A+
2 EA- Encoder signal of phase A-
3 EB+ Encoder signal of phase B+
4 EB- Encoder signal of phase B-
5 EZ+ Encoder Z+ signal
6 EZ- Encoder Z- signal
7 VCC Encoder +5V voltage
8 GND Encoder ground
9 U Reserved
10 V Reserved
11 W Reserved
12 PE Shield ground

CN4 - I/O Signals Connector

PIN Signal I/O Description
1 DI1 I

Configurable Single-ended DigitalInputs DI1-DI7, 12V - 24V.DI1 is enabling signal default,DI2-DI7 are GPIOs

2 DI2 I
3 DI3 I
4 DI4 I
5 DI5 I
6 DI6 I
7 DI7 I
9 DO1 O Configurable Single-ended OutputsSignals DO1-DO3 (common-cathodeor common-anode),Max. 24V/100mA, GPIOs.
10 DO2 O
11 DO3 O

DIP Switches

The CS2RS drivers  uses 8 bits for configuration (via 8 DIP Switches), to define Slave ID (also known as "Site Alias"), as well as a terminal resistor, as follows :

Slave Driver position setting : SW1 to SW5

Slave ID SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 SW5
1 (Default) on on on on on
1 off on on on on
2 on off on on on
3 off off on on on
4 on on off on on
5 off on off on on
6 on off off on on
7 off off off on on
8 on on on off on
9 off on on off on
10 on off on off on
11 off off on off on
12 on on off off on
13 off on off off on
14 on off off off on
15 off off off off on
16 on on on on off
17 off on on on off
18 on off on on off
19 off off on on off
20 on on off on off
21 off on off on off
22 on off off on off
23 off off off on off
24 on on on off off
25 off on on off off
26 on off on off off
27 off off on off off
28 on on off off off
29 off on off off off
30 on off off off off
31 off off off off off

Baud Rate : SW6 -SW7

Baud Rate SW6 SW7
115200 on on
38400 (Default) off on
19200 on off
9600 off off
When SW6-SW7 are on OFF position,  Baud Rate can be set by the PC software.

Terminal Resistor selection: SW8

SW8=ON: terminal resistance is valid;
terminal resistance is invalid(Factory setting)

The last slave driver of the network must be connected to a 120Ω resistor, and this means its SW8 switch must be set to ON.

Typical Connections

Figure 2: Typical connections

Download : Driver Setting software: MOTION Studio CS2RS Series

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Digital microstep driver - 50V / 7.0A - Modbus

Digital microstep driver - 50V / 7.0A - Modbus

Digital Microstep Driver

50V / 7.0A - Modbus RTU (RS485)

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