InterpCNC V3 - 6 axes

16 PNP outputs 500mA
16 NPN and PNP compatible inputs
6-axis control (Pulses / direction)
Ethernet, USB, and 2x RS485 connectivity
4 analog inputs 0 to 10V
2 analog outputs 0 to 10V
7 quick entries
0.96" OLED display
Supply voltage: 24V

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  • Brand
  • Axes
  • Inputs
    • 22
  • Outputs
    • 16
  • Analog inputs
  • Analog outputs

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Product Documents

ICNC V3 Manuals (PLC Basic interpreter + ICNC Studio + MODBUS documentation) - English
Manuels ICNC V3 (Interprêteur PLC Basic + ICNC Studio + Documentation MODBUS) - Français

Internal Reference: ICNC3

La carte InterpCNC V3 combine les fonctions de commande numérique 6 axes et d'automate programmable à hautes performances.

La combinaison simultanée de ces 2 fonctions permet une utilisation de ce contrôleur dans de nombreux domaines d'activités.

Développée sur la base d'un puissant processeur 32bits à 480 MHz, l'InterpCNC V3 offre des performances idéales pour les applications les plus exigeantes.
Elle a pour avantage de fournir un maximum de puissance, de connectivité, et de fonctionnalités, dans un boîtier très compact et directement fixable sur rail DIN.

L'interface de commande d'axe en mode Step/Direction est compatible avec toute la gamme de motorisations proposée par la société SOPROLEC (motorisation pas à pas, motorisation brushless).
Un système de mappings permet de transmettre avec fréquence de rafraichissement réglable, des trames Modbus pour piloter et échanger des données avec tous types de périphériques (Variateurs, drivers, IHM, etc...)

Trois interfaces de communication sont disponibles :

  • USB : virtual Com port (Modbus RTU protocol), for fast communication in digital control applications.
  • Serial : 2 RS485 ports (COM1 and COM2, Modbus RTU protocol) for industrial applications.
  • Ethernet : Modbus TCP or Modbus UDP protocol, for applications requiring distance and/or data exchange with other Ethernet peripherals (HMI, drives, etc.), or between several InterpCNC V3 cards as well (example : the different stations of a production line).

NB: The COM1 port is also compatible with the DMX512 Device protocol, widely used for controlling equipment in the world of entertainment (see Basic Interpreter Manual). The COM2 port can be used in DMX Master mode

A mini OLED screen allows you to view the status (0 or 1) of the first 32 inputs and the first 32 outputs of the card in real time, as well as various information (Firmware version on power-up, status of the ENable entry, board IP address, etc.)



  • 24VDC/300mA board power supply
  • Connectors with spring contacts, unpluggable.

Outputs specifications:

  • Outputs 0 to 15: Opto-isolated outputs, 500mA max per output.
    These outputs must be supplied externally on VOut+ and Vout-, voltage < 32V.
  • Outputs 16 to 96: Virtual outputs, allowing for example the use of one or more input/output extension boxes (via Modbus communication).
  • Outputs PUL1 to PUL6, and DIR1 to DIR6: TTL output 5V/40mA max

Inputs specifications:
Digital inputs IN0 to IN15 are Opto-Isolated.

  • Inputs IN0 to IN15: 0 to 24V
    The COMI0 or COMI1 commons must be connected to 0V (PNP inputs) or +24V (NPN inputs).
  • Inputs IN16 to IN22: TTL type fast counting inputs
    COMI3 must be connected to 0V (PNP) or +24V (NPN).
    The IN21 input can be configured as an incremental encoder input (2X or 4X).
  • Inputs IN23 to IN255: Virtual inputs, allowing the use of I/O extension modules.
  • ENABLE input: Emergency stop function. 0 to 32V max. High level from 3.5V

Analog Inputs/Outputs:

  • 4 analog inputs AIN0 to AIN3: -10V to +10V.
    Resolution is 16 bits (values read in mV from -10000 to +10000).
  • 2 Analog Outputs AOUT0 and AOUT1: 0 to 10V. 11 bit resolution (mV values from 0 to 10000).


The card is supplied with the ICNCStudio software, developed specifically by SOPROLEC.
Very intuitive and user friendly, it allows you to effectively develop your own programs, test them, debug and observe them running.
It also gives you real-time access to all the parameters and registers of your InterpCNC V3 board.

Whenever a new version is released, ICNCStudio will offer you its own online update, as well as your board's firmware update.

Download ICNCStudio

Technical sheet:

  • 0.96" OLED display
  • COM ports 2 RS485 ports (COM1 and COM2, Modbus RTU slave protocol, Modbus RTU Master, DMX Slave, DMX Master)
  • Ethernet protocol Modbus TCP or Modbus UDP
  • Program download 1 slave USB port, Ethernet
  • Supply voltage 24VDC/300mA
  • Height 112mm
  • Width 106mm
  • Depth 58mm
  • Weight: 242 grams
  • USB Communication Yes (Virtual Com Port, Modbus RTU protocol)
  • RS485 communication Yes (Modbus RTU slave, Modbus RTU Master, DMX Slave, DMX Master protocol)
  • Incremental encoder inputs: 2
  • Analog outputs 2 (0..10VDC)
  • PLC functions: Yes
  • Number of axes: 6
  • Pulse frequency 200KHz
  • Number of inputs 23 (including 7 fast inputs)
  • Number of outputs: 16
  • Analog inputs: 4 (0 to +10VDC)

This device comes with a 1.8m USB cable
Card is manufactured in France by SOPROLEC


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Brand Soprolec
Axes 6 Axes
Inputs 22
Outputs 16
Analog inputs 4
Analog outputs 2